Never say “never”!

Senator Lindsey Graham, erstwhile known as “Nancy Boy” when running against candidate “Nancy Grace”, has decided to “push the envelope” of credulity.

He stated that he has “never used email in his ten years in Senate”. He may have just “painted himself into a corner” though, if he has sent even ONE email.

Heads up Lindsey; the country is getting pretty sick of liars.

From Yahoo News

Have you heard the one about the politician who doesn’t use e-mail?

No, not the one who didn’t use an official government e-mail account while she was secretary of State.

The one named Lindsey Graham, United States senator from South Carolina. He went on television this weekend to talk about the really big e-mail controversy of the day: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s use of a private e-mail address for her work at the State Department under President Obama.

I guess Lindsey’s mama didn’t warn him to be careful with the words “always” and “never”. He may have just gotten himself in trouble.

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