New “on his way to college” kid lies on cops

Education in America is atrocious, yet we still exalt college.

The one way to get on a person’s good side is to mention “college.”

My daughter is off to college, my son is graduating from college, and so on.

In an effort to make thug Michael Brown, Jr a “good guy,” all his supporters needed to do was claim that Brown was “on his way to college.”

Yet college is a dangerous place, and not just because a child can catch the disease of Liberalism.


As reported in Fortune about the University of Virginia:

University of Virginia chief Teresa Sullivan has persevered through an aborted coup, the aftermath of two student murders, a scandal over an alleged gang rape, and the recent fallout from the bloody arrest of a black student by white officers. Does that make her a good leader?

When Rolling stone published a 9,000-word article last fall about an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginiafraternity, it plunged the campus into turmoil. The story presented a frightening portrait of a school where sexual assaults were common. It pointed to disturbing deficiencies—going all the way to the top—in the school’s handling of the incident.

How did UVA’s president, Teresa “Terry” Sullivan, respond to the brewing crisis? She left town. Just hours after the story broke and lit up the Internet, she boarded a plane to Amsterdam to attend an education conference. Three days later she suspended social activities at all UVA fraternities and sororities, a move that exposed her to new criticism: that she had swung from underreacting to overreacting. Before a consensus could be reached on her approach in the weeks that followed, she caught a break: Rolling Stone acknowledged that its article was full of holes. Now, a few months later, as Sullivan has taken long-term steps to prevent sexual violence at the school, she is starting to draw praise.

The people put in charge of America’s young adults are not even adults themselves, judging by their actions. Hard to believe colleges and universities even survive in America, as there have to be better ways to learn.



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