Nice job if you can get it!

What type of job can you think of where you can “misappropriate funds,” not go to jail, and retire early with millions?!

That’s even above “rock star” status.

But this is what a lowly first-time Congressman just got away with.

Aaron Schock is a Republican from Illinois, who believes in the Chicago way, he even misappropriated an extra “c” for his name for “Schock” value.

For his malfeasance, Schock faces multiple charges for spending both tax-payer and government funds for shady real-estate dealings.

Ironically, Schock’s first speech on the floor of the House in 2009 was on transparency and against misappropriation of funds.

Schock will be leaving Congress with $3.3 million in political funds, and a $27,000 annual pension.

Chicago Sun Times:

When scandalized Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill., resigns from Congress at the end of the month, he will still control $3.3 million in political funds and be eligible for a federal pension when he is 62 — if he is not convicted of committing a crime during his time in the House.Schock on Tuesday said he would step down on March 31, in the wake of a series of disclosures about his spending taxpayer and government funds and his real estate dealings. Schock’s resignation comes as his legal and public relations team knew more grave revelations were coming and as the Sun-Times was conducting an investigation of his outsized mileage reimbursement claims.

Who knows what else this scoundrel has done, but we will let you know.

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