Obama economy: Here’s one way to survive it

There is a new, not-so-new way for young mothers to get their bills paid. So much for the War on Women, when you can pull down this kind of coin.

It seems that Liberalism may have come full circle. The oldest profession has met the Obama economy.

So when single mom Gina Somers, 24 needed help supporting her daughters, ages 7 and 2, she logged onto SugarDaddyForMe.com at the suggestion of a girlfriend who was a “sugar baby” herself at the time.

Excerpt fromYahoo News:

YP: I assume your fee is higher when you’re intimate?

GS: I am financially compensated for the whole night [and] that might include sex. My sugar daddies love to spoil me with money and gifts after a nice evening. At Christmastime, I made $1,000 for dinner and an intimate night in. I guess because he knew I needed to buy Christmas gifts.

YP: How much do you gross in a week?

GS: It varies. It depends on how much I go out (laughs) and what we do. The highest I ever made in a week was $1,500.

YP: As a single mom, what is your support system like?

GS: Before the sugar daddies, I did have some help from family for things that I really needed. My mom, dad, and brother all came together to help me along. But, we’re not a family with money and we’re all just making it.


YP: Any plans to quit this job and look for something more traditional?

GS: I definitely do not plan to leave the world of sugar daddies unless I meet someone that I want to be loyal to, or if I meet a sugar daddy who can meet all of my needs and/or wants to be exclusive.

YP: Can you say honestly that this profession has enhanced your life for the better?

GS: Being a single mom sugar baby has changed my life by allowing me to pay my bills and not have to worry about my electricity getting shut off. When I don’t have to stress out about basic bills and my kids needs are being met, I can really enjoy the time I have with my kids a lot more and be a better mom. I can put more of my energy into them and they benefit in many ways from me being happier as much as they benefit from having what they need. Plus, I’m constantly networking and meeting interesting people. Who knows if the next sugar daddy I meet will help me get a high-paying job.

And here I thought Obama was going to be America’s Sugar Daddy, and pay all the young girl’s bills.

Instead, we are just a nation of prostitutes.

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