Obama and Holder put bounty on cops

There is an unwritten bounty on cops, and it’s being offered by Obama’s Department of InJustice.

Cop lives are cheap to career politicians, particularly those who make a fabulous living on race-pimping.


And that’s why there will be no “Fergusonesque” hoopla over the death of¬†Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III, who was gunned down Thursday inside a North Philadelphia Game Stop store.

According to ABC News,

The¬†two “suspects” who have been charged in the death of Wilson are brothers Ramone Williams, 24, and Carlton Hipps, 29. They have both been charged with 1st degree murder, conspiracy, and attempted murder.

Police say Ramone confessed to his role in the robbery.

Officer Wilson was shot multiple times, including a wound to his head, but none of the race pimps will complain about the number of times Wilson was shot, saying that the criminals committed “overkill.”



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