ObamaCare dominoes starting to fall?

ObamaCare is a catastrophic failure. The Left won’t admit this until their very lives are on the line, and that won’t take long.

The fallout of ObamaCare will come sooner for Leftist politicians who know that Nov 2014 was a referendum on Obama, ObamaCare, and supporters of ObamaCare.

The dominoes are falling all over the place, as states consider how to handle the albatross of ObamaCare. Arkansas is one of the first dominoes to fall.



Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas has signed legislation that will end by 2017 the state’s innovative but controversial adaptation of the Affordable Care Act, which has provided nearly 190,000 residents with health coverage.

Arkansas’ “private option” plan uses federal funds from the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, to purchase medical insurance for some low-income individuals, rather than assigning them to the state’s Medicaid program.

You will see other states soon doing the same thing, and hopefully Congressional Republicans will drive a stake through the heart of ObamaCare.



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