ObamAnesty under fire from Texas judge…again!

It appears that you really don’t mess with Texas, as the judge who blocked ObamAmnesty is now really pissed.

Judge Andrew Hanen has nuggets the size of Alaska (sorry Texas), as late Monday he ordered Obama’s legal team to appear in his courtroom to explain why they allegedly lied about what the government has already done with regard to granting rights and privileges to some 100,000 illegal immigrants.


This revelation came when the Justice Department had admitted that the Obama administration misled the federal judge about actions already undertaken as a result of the president’s executive order on amnesty.

In the real world people go to jail for such actions.

U.S. News & World Report reports

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“The hearing is in response to a filing last week in which the government acknowledged three-year deportation reprieves were granted before Hanen’s Feb. 16 injunction, which temporarily halted Obama’s action, sparing from deportation as many as 5 million people in the U.S. illegally.”

There is a coalition of 26 states fighting Obama’s illegal amnesty move, and I’m sure they will be eagerly watching how the White House tries to spin this.


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