This city voted to pay reparations

It’s funny that when black people get control of a town, they never pay themselves reparations. There are municipalities all over this country that have massive black number, for example Selma, Alabama.

This town has a black population of 80 percent, and yet they haven’t voted in reparations.

Well that has changed in one big city, because of a race pimp named John Wiley Price.


According to Breitbart news,

Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is facing an ongoing FBI investigation, was the author of the Juneteenth Resolution. According to the Dallas Morning News, Price’s resolution included a list of items besides commemorating the day slaves in Texas learned of their freedom. “it included a long list of injustices endured by blacks, from slavery to Jim Crow to predatory lending practices. Then, in its final paragraph, it declared that the suffering of African-Americans should be ‘satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations.’” Price wrote the resolution after reading an article from The Atlantic that made a case for reparations.

Price even read the resolution in its entirety at the meeting, but other commissioners never heard the controversial language. Instead of anyone speaking up, the Dallas County Commissioners Court approved Price’s resolution.

An hour after the event commissioners complained that they had not seen the language of the resolution and the lone Republican on the commissioners court, Mike Cantrell, had changed his vote to an abstention according to the report above.

While other members of the Dallas County Commissioners Court would have liked to have read the resolution before voting on it, the decision was made to leave the vote and resolution as is.

Personally, I hope that all black run cities vote for reparations, because they will quickly become ALL black. And when black Liberals have to pay other black Liberals, those cities will quickly create a LOT more black Conservatives.

The idea that a bunch of black losers want something for nothing, actually hoping to get paid off the hardship of ancestors. Talk about a taker’s mentality; a loser’s mentality.


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