Poverty has its PRIVILEGES!

When the government puts you in better digs than you would be able to afford were if WORKING, why get a job?

Luxury apartments in Arlington Virginia with roof-top pools, wine cellars, theater/screening room, and granite counter-tops have “set-asides” for Section 8 tenants.

Since public funds were used to either acquire or renovate the structures, the “pay-back” is the set-asides. So the building owners get a tax break for allowing the “poor” to live in the lap of luxury.

As reported by theĀ Washington Examiner,

“They’re building luxury housing for poor people because they think it’s a neat idea that makes them feel good,” Rector said. “What you have is a corrupt log-rolling between these big developers and the bureaucracy, and they feed off each other. They get a tax write-off for putting a limited number of low income units into a luxury building.”

He noted that many housing project residents live in run-down buildings, and that even more with the same incomes don’t get any subsidy at all.

I’d love for somebody to explain how this is helping the poor. If their income rises, they are forced to leave. So they are around people of means, however if they pursue the very lifestyle that would allow them to afford these apartments on their own, they are back living in poverty.

Essentially this program could be called a “taunt,” since poor people are indeed taunted with a taste of the good life.

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