Racist baby exposed?

In the crazy world of black Liberals, everything is racist.

The midnight sky is racist, black holes are racists, even black toner for your laser printer is racist.

So it should come as no surprise that at a recent debate, Indiana Rep. Vanessa Summers got butt-hurt because a fellow Congressional member’s eighteen month old child retreated to his father’s shoulder when she drew near.

He looked at me like I was a monster and turned around and cried,” she said. “And I told him you need to introduce your child to some people that are dark-skinned so he will not be scared.”

BizPac Review:

While debating the controversial “Religious Freedom Bill” recently signed into law by Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Rep. Vanessa Summers said the toddler, who is the son of her colleague Republican Judson McMillin was afraid of her because she’s black…..“I told Jud McMillin I love his son, but he’s scared of me because of my color. It’s hard,” she said to the sound of gasps from her colleagues who likely couldn’t fathom a dumber statement being made by an elected official.

Her colleagues seemed to groan at the insanity of her claim, according to the Indianapolis Star.
“It’s true,” Summers insisted.

McMillin took the high road in response to the claims.
“It’s just incredibly unfortunate. You’d like to think that we would have professional discussion on the House floor and certainly be able to avoid having 18-month-olds in the discussion,” McMillin told the Star. “I can tell you that if he reacted the same way he reacts with anybody brand new, he buries his head in his dad’s shoulder. Whoever it is, it’s what he does. He’s an 18-month-old kid; he’s in a new environment up here in the place like the Statehouse but doesn’t know anybody. I honestly don’t remember anything out of the ordinary.”

So now the very natural reaction of a baby is considered racist? Come on America, how many times can we allow the REAL racists to ring that bell?

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