Real Talk about religion from frustrated black woman (video)

This lady, Delorean (yes, like the car) has a powerful message that more Americans need to hear.

Her message is about TRUTH. Far too many people are too afraid to speak up for truth, and their fear is killing America.

The message is about truth! I believe in my heart that two things will save America: (1) women, and (2) black Conservatives.

The reason both these groups are important is the Left is at war with both these groups. So it will take “infiltrators” from these groups to convince the Left of their evil ways. And when a black woman, who represents both groups simultaneously is willing to call it like she sees it, it gives America hope.

America has become evil. And it’s because the nation that has moved so far away from God. Today, the ridiculous is what gets attention.

You’d have to be insane to argue that America doesn’t have more tension. Racial tension, class tension, political tension are all on the rise.

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