Real reason behind Starbucks’ “Trading Places” project

You want the real reason why Howard Schulz, the CEO of Starbucks wanted to launch his “race campaign?” Ask the CEO of McDonald’s.

More on this in a bit, as the short answer is Howard Schulz wants to be a STAR!

Even when a filthy rich capitalist entrepreneur Liberal like Schultz has lived the American Dream, he remains empty inside.

Schultz is like the older brother in the movie Trading Places. Randolph wants to take “Willie Ray” (played by Eddie Murphy) out of the ghetto and give him an opportunity. Randolph appears nice at first, until he’s done with his experiment and decides along with his brother Mortimer that he would never have a N*IGGER run their company.

And like in Trading Places, Schultz likely bet some other bleeding heart do-gooder, enabler Leftist billionaire a DOLLAR to see if he could get a black man arrested and a barista’s ass kicked at the same time.


Shouldn’t this man look at his OWN business for signs of racism? Why is there no Starbucks in Ferguson, Mr. Starbucks CEO!? Now that is a race discussion, I’d like to have with Mr. Schultz.

Have you looked at the demographics of where you find a Starbucks? It could easily be argued that when Starbucks is not being racist, it is certainly behaving classist.

Starbucks is an anecdote in black communities. If a black man wants a caramel macchiato, he better get on the BUS!

And you know what, I’m not mad at Schultz for making the CAPITALIST ENTREPRENEUR decision NOT to put his stores in some predominantly “black” areas, less they end up like the QT in Ferguson.

But the irony is that while Starbucks WON’T put its stores up in black areas, the company catching the most hell for its business practices, McDonald’s has stores everywhere there are black people.

If Schultz is so hell-bent on a race discussion and helping black people, then put a FREE Starbucks in Ferguson. Then do the same in all the areas he’d like to help. You can bet there will be a few thrill-seeking caffeine-deficient white people who will venture into the hood for that discussion.

In the meantime, black Liberals and bleeding heart Liberals will continue to crucify the WRONG company, and Starbucks’ CEO will continue to look for ways to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. For ONE DOLLAR!


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