Rent with “benefits”

What’s mine is mine, and what’s YOUR’S is mine too!

So says the ex-girlfriend of the James Robertson, the man who walked 21 miles round-trip to work each day?

Donors raised over $350,000 so he could buy a vehicle. Now his ex, who is also his former landlord wants her cut.

She says she’s entitled to $50,000 for repairs to the rental property he supposedly trashed. The idea is that she helped him in a tough spot.

Perhaps. But she might have let him use her car every now and then!


As Insider Fox News reports,

Since receiving the huge sum of money, Robertson has moved into his own place in the suburbs and filed a restraining order against his ex, Tanya Fox.Criminal defense attorneys Heather Hansen and Eric Guster appeared on “Fox and Friends” to weigh in on if Fox has any legal right to Robertson’s money.

Hansen said Fox might have a case, as she was with Robertson for for 15 of the 16 years he was doing his lengthy walking commute, supporting him and doing all the things that a partner does. Additionally, if Robertson indeed promised her $50,000, as she claims, he may be held responsible for paying up on that promise.

Guster, on the other hand, said, “This is why she’s the ex-girlfriend!”


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