Reporter mugged….LIVE and on tape!

Ferguson crime has gone international!

Check out these “gentle giants on their way to college,” as they brazenly rob an SABC (South Africa) reporter at gunpoint, as his cameraman films.


BBC News Africa:

One of South Africa’s best known TV journalists has been mugged on camera as he waited to go on air.

Footage shows two men accosting Vuyo Mvoko, from the national broadcaster SABC, who was outside a Johannesburg hospital to report on the arrival of Zambia’s president for medical tests.

Mr Mvoko later said one of the muggers threatened him with a gun when he did not want to give up his mobile phone.

The robbers appear unconcerned by the presence of the camera.

Several phones taken as well as a lap-top, and thankfully no one was hurt, but the incident was fortuitously near a hospital if something had gone wrong.

In America, Liberals would consider this a “hands up, don’t shoot” moment…for the innocent criminals.

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