Right to Work is a CHOICE too!

How can you be against the “right-to-work?” It’s counter-intuitive, at least for people wanting to work.

Yet the unions are notoriously against people’s right-to-work. And I would be too, if granting the people the right-to-work means losing LOTS of union dues.

Unions have operated as gangsters, when they have the monopoly. For example, there is a union that allows you to “opt out,” as long as you pay 75 percent of what it takes to stay in. And that’s not a one-time fee, but ongoing.

What the opponents of right-to-work won’t tell you is that by offering choice, as in the right-to-be union or non-union, the union loses NOTHING, except the ability to mandate the egregious dues and opt out fees.

As the New York times reported,

For decades, states across the South, Great Plains and Rocky Mountains enacted policies, known as “right to work,” that prevented organized labor from forcing all workers to pay union dues or fees. But the industrial Midwest resisted.

Those days are gone. After a wave of Republican victories across the region in 2010, Indiana and then Michigan enacted right-to-work laws that supporters said strengthened those states economically, but that labor leaders asserted left behind a trail of weakened unions.

Now it is Wisconsin’s turn. On Monday, Gov. Scott Walker — who in 2011 succeeded inslashing collective bargaining rights for most public sector workers — signed a private-sector right-to-work bill that makes his state the 25th to adopt the policy and has given new momentum to the business-led movement, its supporters say.

“This freedom-to-work legislation will give workers the freedom to choose whether or not they want to join a union, and employers another compelling reason to consider expanding or moving their business to Wisconsin,” Mr. Walker said.

Again, Walker took nothing away from Wisconsins, but instead gave them more choice. I’d say the way to position this is as follow:

Walker: Giving WI MORE choice with right-to-work!

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