Scott Walker Rand Paul ticket?

According to sources, Senator Rand Paul won the 2015 straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

But just barely.

That’s not a slam on Senator Paul, whom I have met with and for whom I have much respect. But it does speak to Walker’s surge.

When you consider that Walker wasn’t really in consideration less than a couple of month ago, and now he’s a strong #2, having lost the CPAC straw poll by only 5 votes.


The results:

  • 1st place – Rand Paul
  • 2nd place – Scott Walker
  • 3rd place – Ted Cruz
  • 4th place – Ben Carson
  • 5th place – Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush

Each potential candidate gave his stump speech, and you can investigate their take on various issues yourself. What I want to discuss is Jeb Bush’s reception.

Bush was resoundingly booed. For the guy the lamestream media continues to say is gaining traction, I didn’t see it. And the fact that Bush wouldn’t give a speech, choosing instead to be interviewed by Sean Hannity, speaks volumes.

From Breitbart:

The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin writes that Bush brought people in from Washington, D.C.: “Mr. Bush’s supporters organized caravans of his Washington backers to attend his speech, and they cheered whenever anyone else booed,” Martin wrote.

Those same bused in cheerers also will likely be expected by Bush’s campaign to vote for him in the famed straw poll.

Betsy Woodruff at the liberal outlet Slate also obtained emails that prove Bush’s team was busing in supporters from K Street.

“Emails provided to Slate show that backers of the former Florida governor are busing supporters from downtown Washington D.C. to CPAC in National Harbor, Maryland, and organizing to get them day passes into the event,” Woodruff wrote.

Bush has NO chance to be the Republican nominee, though I constantly hear establishment Republicans discuss his “soaking up all the money.”

All the money in the world will not give American another Bush presidency.



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