Sick Leftists Rejoice….

No sane, or moral person would be happy about a police officer being shot, but Leftists are neither sane, nor moral.

Thanks to what Andrew Breitbart referred to as the “New Media” everyday citizens can bust liberal liars, and then “broadcast” them caught “red-handed”, (pun intended) on Social Media. Good times.

Obama wants martial law, and he wants it bad. Being of the “Alinsky” school of thought, a few dead cops is but a “means to an end”.

Graphic truth is no less true. Such is the state of “Obamaland”.

Dignitas News: As two Missouri Police Officers were shot early Thursday morning in Ferguson, amateur video captured the gleeful celebration of a (presumably white) leftist provocateur who bellowed just seconds following the shooting “acknowledgement 9 months ago would have kept that from happening.”

While Americans both black and white have reacted with horror at the violence in Ferguson, the pseudo-Bolshevik whose voice was captured on tape seemed to revel in the pain suffered to the two law enforcement personnel.

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