Subsidized Racism: Why I’d like to choke multiculturalists

The United States is turning into a giant “public housing project.”

The Left stifles the collective voice, while singling out the “race du jour” for preferential treatment. And sadly, the indigenous American’s tax dollars fund this nonsense.

We were forewarned about “Fundamental Transformation”, a transformation intended to “dilute” the population of American citizens.

Let’s bring people over with no investment in America, give them housing, so soon most of America looks like the projects.


Universal Free Press:

Suddenly being a white American is a bad thing and we are being treated badly, as if we have become a curse upon the land that we built into greatness. The false notion that diversity is the sole key to American success is being forced down our throats by the elites.They pursue a diluted population of disjointed individuals of mixed loyalties who still primarily identify themselves as relocated citizens of their homeland, not the united Americans of the past.

That lack of cohesiveness is bad enough, but the push to drive white Americans to the “back of the bus” is equally troubling. Who is behind it and why? A population with a global identity will be much more accepting of their world government.

Additionally, white Americans who are willing to betray their nation are more difficult to find and put into key roles than foreigners who view their actions as conquest. An emphasis on and a push for diversity solves both problems.

All races are equal; some are just more equal than others. As for this American, I don’t want another “culture,” and I’m sick of people thinking we want the culture they have abandoned. While I accept all cultures, it is not our responsibility to fit their culture; it’s their responsibility to fit ours.

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