Terrorists “Jihadi John” outs SELF with student ID

“Jihadi John” dispelled Marie Harf’s pathetic notion about ISIS terrorists lacking jobs as it turns out he’s a rich University student. But there more to this story.

This brainiac actually BUSTED himself by using his student ID online.

The “gentle Muslim giant who had made his way to college” is actually Mohammed Emwazi. Apparently Emwazi used his student I.D. account to purchase web design software he ordered online in Syria, instead of using a standard issue ISIS credit card.

Turns out Emwazi, though wealthy, is a frugal terrorist.

As the Express UK reports:

Sources revealed the download singled him out as being in the right place and time to be the killer.

The information was passed back through the intelligence chain and further matches showed he was the murderer.

An intelligence source said last night: “In today’s electronic age of social media and technology, we chase the digital footprint before we chase the person.

“Anyone who has a credit card, a Facebook page or a national insurance number has a digital footprint.


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