The real terrorists are TEXANS?

If you had any doubts about the growing police state, wonder no longer…it’s here.

Imagine being fingerprinted, photographed, and having your cell phone seized, for attending a meeting.

Then imagine that all recording devices are seized. THAT HAPPENED; to the Texas Secessionist group.

As Police State USA reported:

“As if dangerous criminals, many of the Texian people — generally seniors of respected middle-class business, farming, broadcasting, engineering, scientific, health, veterans, and faith-based backgrounds — were one-by-one physically searched on their person and in their vehicles, fingerprinted, detained and then had their personal belongings and property searched and seized,” the Republic of Texas described on its website.

“How is it that a supposedly free people can be subjected to intimidating, rough, and highly intrusive search and seizure when assembling lawfully and peaceably from all corners of the vast Country of Texas to educate those in attendance about the Historical 1836 Republic of Texas Constitution and celebrate a Nation wide Valentine’s Day and a fellow Texian’s 89th birthday?” the group wondered.

No arrests were made, and the matter remains under investigation.

 The problem with a government as powerful as ours has become is they will do ANYTHING to keep that power!

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