They COULDN’T “get a room”!

Just imagine, you’re enjoying that “special moment” with your mate and the unthinkable happens.

Some nosy bloke comes along to get an eyeful!

“Hey buddy, maybe take a picture, it will last longer!”

This video voyeur was able to escape unharmed, but e surprised by the tenacity of the cranky Casanova.



If you happen to be trekking across the great outdoors, you should be careful never to interrupt a couple of wild animals who are in the midst of the mating dance. If you are indeed unlucky enough to run across two animals making the beast with two backs, make sure they are turtles.

This video shows exactly what happens should you happen to come across some turtles who are making a little love. One thing that can be said is that turtles are apparently relentless creatures. Luckily for one particular explorer, they aren’t any quicker even if they are overcome with lust.

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