UN selects nations that abuse women: ONE country made the list

Who knew that the War on Women has now been isolated to ONE nation!

And if you think it’s a Muslim nation, where women are stoned for just about any reason, or where women get acid thrown in their faces for not covering themselves enough, then you simply haven’t EVOLVED!

No, the ONE nation where women are still under fire is ISRAEL, at least according to the United Nations.


The U.N.’s Commission on the Status of Women released nine official documents over the course of its annual meeting this week, and according to according to Ynetnews, of the U.N.’s 193 member nations, Israel is the anti-woman culprit.

Big deal Muslim nations are mutilating women’s genitals, making sex slaves of Christian women, or drive in Saudi Arabia.

In a report titled, “Situation of and assistance to Palestinian women.”, the UN blames Israel for PROTECTING ITSELF from radical Muslims in Palestine, saying that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank has created high levels of unemployment and poverty, that has hit women in Palestine hard.

And you wonder why many people believe the United Nations to be a FARCE?!

In a 2014 World Economic Forum report on women’s political empowerment worldwide, majority-Muslim nations including Egypt, Yemen, Qatar and Iran dominated the bottom of the rankings, and rightfully so.

Ynetnews reported that the Israeli foreign ministry described the U.N. report as, “yet another testimony to the hypocrisy of UN members.”


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