Urban PTSD: Liberal nonsense

Life  in the inner city is tough, and that’s why they call it “the urban jungle.” But to compare inner city life to that of the military is insane.

I read that numerous academic studies have found rates of PTSD among people who live in violent neighborhoods higher than those of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Some research concluded that 46 percent of people in these neighborhoods will develop PTSD in their lifetime.

Sure they will; if the media and some political correct Liberal enabler tells them that the new disease du jour.

Liberals brag about their beautiful cities, while omitting the part of it they have gleefully created. Liberals have gotten black people to self-segregate, and the outcome has been horrendous for blacks.

I don’t feel sorry for black Liberals who have chosen, yes chosen this way of life. Unlike the military, their lives are self-inflicted.

If we are to follow Liberals’ logic on this one, then Michael Brown was a WAR HERO!


As what Yahoo titled, “America’s other PTSD crisis,” they wrote:

The fight that started Keith Davis on a path to a new life began when he was buying marijuana. It was early afternoon on Aug. 8. As he tells it, he was in at his usual hangout in North Central Philadelphia, in front of an abandoned church at 18th and Ridge. He was taking too long mulling over his purchase, and another man got impatient and told him to go buy his stuff somewhere else.

“I go wherever I want to go,” said Davis. The man said some things back. A fight broke out, which ended when the man pulled out a knife and stabbed Davis in the abdomen and left arm.

Davis, who was 21, was still punching at the man even as he watched the knife go in. He saw the blood, but he felt no pain. He thought about calling an ambulance. “But I don’t want to pay $2,000 for an ambulance,” he said. And an ambulance would probably mean police — nobody wanted that. “I ain’t no snitch,” Davis said in December, recalling his thinking. Hahnemann University Hospital’s emergency department, a place well known to Davis and his friends, was a little over a mile away. He started to walk.

Just so we have this straight, Davis was engaged in a currently illegal drug deal. For one druggie waiting in line, Davis was taking too long, and he commented.

All it took for Davis’ PTSD to kick in was for another black drug user to complain?

So Davis was forced to MAN UP, explaining, “I go wherever I want to go,” which by the way has nothing to do with the complainant’s request for Davis to [pp], “Hurry up, so I can get my illegal narcotics.”

Davis’ weird utterance forced the other black drug user to MAN UP as well, and a WAR BROKE OUT, whereby Davis was stabbed.

This constitutes PTSD?

Allow me to offer another scenario where PTSD is avoided. In my scenario these men simply avoid buying illegal narcotics.

I’m not sure how things work these days in Obama’s military, but PTSD doesn’t come from illegal drug deals. PTSD comes from putting oneself in harm’s way day in and day out in defense of one’s country, running the risk of being killed, or seeing one’s brother-in-arms killed. PTSD comes from the unavoidable truth of war, which means eventually you will engage an enemy and not necessarily by choice, and the consequences are usually devastating.

In Davis’ scenario, he had choices. LOTS of them in fact.

But what ignorant Leftists want us to believe is black life is so much a hell, that we need to treat it with special dispensation.

We can all sympathize with living in conditions that at times appear hopeless. But life in a bad neighborhood is not hopeless, because in America you can change your life in an instant.

There are people who just leave their drug-infested, crime-ridden neighborhoods. Others take control of their environments, and move the riff-raff out. None of it is easy, but it can and is done.


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