Walmart-shoppers’ fashion choices FINALLY explained!

We’ve all wondered who didn’t have the heart to tell that person don’t wear that, as the person prepared to go shopping at Walmart.

And because of this lack of gumption by loved ones, Walmartians have been surreptitiously photographed behind their ample, even cleavage be-decked backs. But this?!

Walmart has gone stone redneck!

A meth lab was discovered in a Walmart store restroom.

As reported in the NY Daily News,

Officers were called after a shopper reported seeing the man several times at the store, picking up items that can be used to manufacture the addictive and corrosive drug.

The man went into the bathroom with his backpack, but emerged without it, reported WXIN-TV.

Police inspected the bag and found it contained elements used in the “shake and bake” or “one-pot” method of making meth.

It is an extremely dangerous process involving caustic and explosive chemicals that can burn or burst into flames.

You know this man was sporting a mullet.

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