Witch hunt is over: Found her

The witch hunt is over, as America found her.

Hillary Clinton is obtuse if she believes she can sell that nonsense about her email to the public.

For all we know Hillary Clinton is running a terrorist version of Match.com, using ISIS sex slaves. It will take a subpoena of that server and an act of God to get to the data.

That’s because it was Bill Clinton’s server, and you know Bill protected that thing like Fort Knox. I suspect that if they look in the guts of that server, therein lie

  • The bones of Jimmy Hoffa,

  • Barack Obama’s college transcripts, and his bath house pictures

  • And souvenirs of Bill Clinton’s sexual conquest.

Yes, that’s one BIG server, and they didn’t nickname it The Bone Yard for nothing.

Here’s Hillary spoofing Forrest Gump, but then again, it might not be a spoof.


In case you’re wondering, the password for access to the Clintonemail server is, “Allah_Akbar!”

Hillary Clinton claims she dumped her private emails, well many of those messages were to Bill. And while Hillary was doing half her job (30K official emails, 30K personal), her husband was getting about $50 million from the Axis of Misogyny.

Saudi Arabia is rumored to have donated $25 million “blood oil” dollars to the Clinton Foundation, with six other very anti-woman Islamic countries.

Yet America’s beacon of femininity and protector of women had little to say about this. Sounds like Hillary has taken a page out of the Jesse Jackson Rules for Extortion, which is, “I won’t say anything bad about you, if you pay me enough money to go away.

What Hillary isn’t saying is what’s obvious to me, and that is to believe her lie about why she set up the super-secret server, it means she is either

  • Too senile to govern
  • Too old to govern

Setting up two emails is not that complicated, and at no time in the history of man has anybody at a company the size of the American government that have part of “governance” in its name would anybody believe they could (1) not use the company email, and (2) they could set up email at home.

You would be fired on the spot for even making such a bonehead request. Which is why Hillary didn’t request it.

Hillary believes she was robbed of the presidency in 2008, so she said to hell with that black man, and did as she pleased. No need to tell the Head Negro in Charge, because his boney Kenyan butt is just a placeholder for hers.

And the only way to the presidency was to get rid of all remnants of scandal. Hill and Bill had contained everything, and Bill got his honors. It is now Hill’s turn. So what she’s all hat and no cattle. Her minions don’t know, and those who do don’t care.

Then Hillary reminded us, she’s Hillary. She came out, guns ablazing, and started shooting off her own toes. Foot-in-mouth disease so bad people were throwing shoes at her. And if the book sales weren’t bad enough, Hillary reminded America what the definition of “dead broke” was. We then had Chelsea-gate, where she gave up her $27K an hour job, but mitigated that potential “dead broke” scandal with a grandchild. And now we have arrived at Email-gate.


As CNN reported, Trey Gowdy is not impressed with Hillary’s excuses either:

The House Select Committee on Benghazi is going to seek private emails from as many as 10 of Hillary Clinton’s top lieutenants at the State Department, CNN has learned.

During her press conferencce on Tuesday, the former secretary of state said she was turning over emails that had to do with official business, but House Republican investigators contend some of that business may have been conducted on private-to-private email accounts and therefore not captured elsewhere.

“That’s great when you email other people on the .gov it would be captured by the .gov server, but if you’re talking to people private to private that will never be captured,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, the committee chairman, told CNN on Tuesday.

“We are going to seek any private email that relates to official business, and I don’t care about wedding cakes, but any work that could have been done on private-to-private accounts for those State Department employees we know had private accounts,” the South Carolina Republican said.


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