47 Bodies Left in the Wake of Hillary Clinton: Part 2

20 – Barbara Wise

Barbara Wise died on November, 29, 1996. Wise was a close associate of Ron Brown and John Huang, and was discovered dead in her locked office on the fourth floor of the Department of Commerce. She was partially nude and had sustained contusions throughout her body.

The AP report:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Commerce Department employee was found dead in her fourth-floor office at the agency’s downtown headquarters on Friday.

The body was discovered around 7:45 a.m. by a co-worker arriving for work, police said.

The woman was identified as Barbara Alice Wise, 48, of Gambrills, Md. She had worked as a secretary for 14 years at the department’s International Trade Administration.

Anne Luzzatto, chief spokeswoman for Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor, said the unit where she worked provided analysis for various industries in studies designed to boost export sales.

The woman had been last seen alive at Commerce late Wednesday afternoon, before the agency closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sgt. Michael Farish, a homicide investigator with District of Columbia police, said officers have found no signs of foul play and believe that she died of natural causes. But the case continued to be investigated as a homicide, he said.

A preliminary autopsy was unable to determine the cause of death Friday.

A local television station, WRC, quoted unidentified police sources as saying that the office where the body was found was locked and the body was partially nude.

After the body was discovered, Bill Clinton made an impromptu flight back to the White House from Camp David.

This crime has never been solved.


dead body



So, 47 people working with, tied to, or investigating Bill and Hillary Clinton met with untimely deaths. Do I believe the Power Couple had a direct hand in these deaths and/or murders — probably not.

But, much like the judge who admonishes a jury before deliberations begin, “What would be the conclusions of a reasonable person given the evidence, and without going to extraordinary lengths to explain the events.”

When reading name after name of investigators of, and likely witnesses against the Clintons who are now dead, and dead from unexplained deaths, a reasonable person could not help but feel uneasy.

Sometimes coincidence is just too coincidental to be so. And how many times can close Clinton pals and associates meet with an unexplained demise before all of us reasonable people take note.

Hillary has her eyes set on the POTUS Prize. We must focus on Hillary and let it be known: if folks thought Bill was unsavory as president, his proclivities would pale in comparison to the potential for ruinous results by the real pants-wearer in the Clinton family.

God help America.


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