A Year of “Open Marriage”?

Taking a year “off” from your marriage to sleep around with strangers; what could go wrong?

A San Francisco writer (that explains a lot) laments the fact that her husband doesn’t want children, and she refuses to “go to her grave without a child and only four lovers”, so that only leaves “boinking” lots of random people right?

Fortunately, for us, a book is being written about the experience; “The Wild Oats Project”. Being that our society ferrets out titillation like a teen boy with cable and a remote, I’m sure there will be plenty willing to buy the book.

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If you’re wondering why that is the relevant trade-off, stop overthinking this. “The Wild Oats Project” is the year-long tale of how a self-described “good girl” in her early 40s moves out, posts a personal ad “seeking single men age 35-50 to help me explore my sexuality,” sleeps with roughly a dozen friends and strangers, and joins a sex commune, all from Monday to Friday, only to rejoin Scott on weekends so they can, you know, work on their marriage.

The arrangement is unorthodox enough to succeed as a story, and in Rinaldi’s telling it unfolds as a sexual-awakening romp wrapped in a female-empowerment narrative, a sort of Fifty Shades of Eat, Pray, Love. “I wanted to tell him to f— me hard but I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth” is a typical Rinaldi dilemma. At the same time, she constantly searches for “feminine energy” or her “feminine core” or for a “spiritual practice guided by the feminine.”

So, in an “open marriage”, who takes out the trash?


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