Anti-Racism Liberal Racists

Racism against white people apparently doesn’t count.

Fathom the liberal lunacy and irony of an event billed as “anti-racism”, but white folks and men aren’t allowed!

This really happened at a British university.  So much for “tolerance”, huh?  I guess the only comforting thing about this is that our country isn’t the only crazy one out there!

According to Spectator.UK :

Bahar Mustafa, the Welfare and Diversity officer for Goldsmiths Students’ Union, must have a strong sense of irony.  You’d have to, to run an”anti-racism” event which states that “if you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME.” As the student publication The Tab reports, the event claims to be “challenging the white-centric culture of occupations, diversifying our curriculum and building a cross campus campaign that puts liberation at the heart of the movement.”

Back in February, Mustafa, who describes herself on Twitter as a “queer, anti-racist feminist killjoy”, came to my attention when she helped organise a “BME ONLY social” before a screening of the film Dear White People.  For those not acquainted with the lingo, this means for Black and Minority Ethnic only.

I guess racism is in the eye of the event holder!

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