AT&T Fires President Over Racist Texts!

It’s kind of ironic that the President of a communications giant would be fired over something as menial as texts!

Aaron Slator likely won’t be so lazy in the future as to have an assistant transfer all of his data to a new phone; especially when the assistant is black, and privy to seeing racially offensive images!

Talk about an expensive mistake; the company is being sued by employee Knoyme King for 100 million dollars.


The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, names as defendants Slator, the company, CEO Randall Stephenson, other executives and board member Joyce Roche.

Slator was president of content and advertising sales, managing its multibillion-dollar budget for content acquisition that is consumed by subscribers of Dallas-based AT&T’s U-verse TV service.

King’s lawyer, Skip Miller, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the lawsuit will continue. He said the company failed to take action earlier, despite the issue being brought to the attention of its board of directors and human resources department.

“This is an AT&T problem, it’s not just an Aaron Slator problem,” he said.

The lawsuit alleges that King was passed over for promotions and given inferior raises because of her race, that she was mistreated and that attempts were made to have her leave the company. King has worked 30 years for AT&T and is still employed there, Miller said.


Maybe before you have the “little people” do your chores, make sure you’re not showing them what an *SS you are!

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