Brave Young Girl vs the Big ol’ Jet Airliner

A passenger on a plane traveling from Israel that had stopped in Moscow heard noises, and she suspected that something was not right.

She reported what she heard, but was brushed off initially.  She persisted, even leaving her seat to voice her concerns.

As reported by Viral Buzz: 

Moments before takeoff, she realized that something was not right with the wing and heard noises that she believed were not regular noises.  She first brought this to the attention of the passengers seated beside her, who in turn laughed it off and said it was just noise from the engines.

Not deterred, she persisted, unbuckling her seat belt and standing up.  The flight attendants, who themselves were already seated and buckled in, instructed her to return to her seat. When she told them her concerns about the plane they too laughed at her.  She insisted that she will not fly on the plane if they didn’t check it out.

Airline personnel yelled at her and threatened her, but finally agreed to check it out, mostly to appease their unreasonable passenger.

The jet then returned to the gate where ground crews began investigating the complaint saying there would be a 45 minute delay. However, two hours later they removed all the passengers from the aircraft, explaining to them that the jetliner did indeed need repairs.

Then, after three more hours, the passengers were told that a replacement plane would be necessary, as the problem was much more serious than originally thought. They were sent home and told to return to the airport the following day for their flight.

We may never know how many lives were saved.

When you question what we do, going against the establishment, remember this lone voice.

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