Clintons lampooned in off-broadway musical

America’s 2nd most famous Hillbillies, the Clintons will soon have their own off-Broadway show.

Next stop…Branson, Missouri!



According to CBS,

“Clinton: The Musical,” the brainchild of two Australian brothers, makes its off-Broadway debut in April with a hysterical premise and a gentle look back at the `90s.

The play celebrates the first baby-boomer president – the one who preferred briefs to boxers, played a sax on national TV, presided over an economic boom and got himself impeached.

“The thing that endeared Bill Clinton and continues to endear him to the American public is that he was a very identifiable human being,” said Paul Hodge, who wrote the music and lyrics and co-wrote the story. “He was clearly human and he had flaws like everyone.”

The cast of characters includes Dick Morris, Newt Gingrich, Monica Lewinsky and former Clinton special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who sings “A Starr Is Born” and “Sexual Relations.” There’s a dancing press corps and music that takes you back to Celine Dion, Hanson and the Spice Girls.

“It really does its job of taking down America and uplifting it at the same time, in a weird sort of way,” said Dan Knechtges, the Tony Award-nominated director and choreographer. “Nothing is sacred.”

Two men will play the 42nd president – one a wholesome, intelligent Clinton, and another a randy, rogue one (Tom Galantich and Duke Lafoon share the task.) Only Hillary can see both.

That bifurcated idea was first proposed by Michael Hodge, Paul’s older brother, a lawyer in Australia, who co-wrote the story and now consults daily with his brother via Skype on last-minute changes.

“It seemed like a good device to sum up a very complicated man but also something that had a lot of opportunity for humor, and also something that allowed us to tell a story that everyone knows in way that they don’t know,” said Paul Hodge, a Ph.D. candidate in musical composition at the University of Queensland.

 The timing of this can’t be good for Hillary, which is why I love it!



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