Passing for black?

America has reached the pinnacle, as a man faked being black.

There are many black Liberal who thought this day would never come. I know getting a black-looking president was a big deal, but a dude trying to pass as a black man may very well be the Seventh Sign.

Check out the bandito who wanted to be black.

From America’s Freedom Fighters we learn:

A Mexican thug in California was arrested by police after trying to hide from them by spray painting his entire head black. What a moron!

Police say they weren’t fooled, “The camouflage was ineffective,” the police department announced in their Facebook post.
According to a post on the City of Madera Police Department’s Facebook page, the man named Jose Espinoza ran from an allegedly stolen car.

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Police say Espinoza tried to spray paint his face black in order to hide from police- it didn’t work. He was arrested and booked into County jail and is being charged with receiving stolen property and theft of a vehicle.

What an idiot.

Obama as white man

Times they are a changin’. We have half-white men passing for black, and not this! Talk about redefining “blackface!”

Isn’t there a law against this, as this is not simple identity theft, but IDENTITY theft.

I guess we now live in a time when #BlackLivesMatter!


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