The curse of wealth

Andrew Getty is dead. It seems like the children of the filthy rich rarely make it to old age.

They said he had a violent relationship with his girlfriend, which leaves me scratching my head.!?

How crazy must you be as a girlfriend to be the girlfriend of a billionaire, and you act nutty? Wait until you become his WIFE before you get nutty!

How did Getty die?


When the words RECTAL and TRAUMA are used in the same sentence, it never ends well.

“The tentative information that we do have is that he was not feeling good for the last couple months,”

It was reported that the family wants their privacy on this. BET!


Born in to the wealthy “Gettys”, as in J.Paul Getty oil tycoon, they reported that Andrew Getty lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills worth 3.8 million dollars. His father’s wealth is estimated to be 5 billion dollars.

Who did Andrew piss off? A mansion worth $3.8 million in Beverly Hills is a DUMP!

Andrew purchased his 70-year-old home in the Hollywood Hills in 1996 following the death of previous owner Miklos Rozsa, a three-time Academy Award-winning film composer known for his work on Ben Hur.

I’m not trying to get in the business of the rich and infamous, but these people change houses like Mariah Carey changes clothes. A 70-year old home. I’m beginning to suspect that this Getty was “dead broke.”

As for his death, I’m no detective.  But given his “rectal trauma,” I’d suggest they look very closely at the girlfriend. And they might want to make sure she not a pre-op tranny.

What is it with the children of the super wealthy. They rarely live past 50, and seem to be doomed. Is it the curse of wealth?


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