Why Conservatives need Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle appears to be out of it, audiences demanding their money back from his shows.

Dave shows up late, and when he’s on stage appears to be in a drunken or drug-induced stupor. I’m not sure what’s happening with him, but it’s sad.

Chappelle’s has an uncanny ability to cover socially relevant subjects with comedic cleverness unmatched by any of this generation.

The Chappelle Show gave “The Niggars,” a sketch about a white family with the name Niggars, an obvious play on words. This sketch ridiculed the idea of the “n-word,” by colorizing it white. Pure genius.

Chappelle created a blind black man, Clayton Bigsby who was the leader of the KKK. Again, masterful comedy around a touchy subject. Chappelle managed to make people laugh at the KKK, and the silliness of the concept of racism.

I love Chappelle’s comedy, likely because it reminds me of my own.

I grew up laughing at the silly things that set people off. Like words. Or the concept of a bunch of knuckledragging racist without enough members to throw a good house party.

I think America larger than words and hate-groups, and America is better than Liberalism.

For Chappelle’s sake, I hope he can pull it together. We need his comedy, his observations. Dave gets people to think.

Right now, Chappelle appears to just be the poster child for why not to smoke marijuana.

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