DOJ has found KKK-Central

After an intensive investigation of Ferguson, the most racist DOJ ever found a couple of off-colored jokes. That’s it!

Those findings are almost unbelievable. Given the Ferguson narrative, one would have imagined that Ferguson was KKK Central.

In an amazing miscarriage of justice, Mary Ann Twitty was fired from a job she loved for forwarding email jokes from as far back as 2008 and 2011.

Here’s the irony. Twitty had recommended two black applicants for hiring over four whites for office positions shortly before her firing.

Further, Twitty had received far enough accolades for her job performance through the years to offset 1,000 stupid email jokes.

Twitty’s reality didn’t matter to Eric Holder’s racist DOJ, as he needed to make a point.

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Twitty believes her firing had more to do with public pressure than her ability to do her job.

“They ruined my life for the sake of what was going on in Ferguson,” said Twitty. “I think it’s sickening. It’s really upset me.”

“Don’t look at me like I’m a bad person,” said Twitty. “I’m not, and a lot of people know that I’m not.” ​

Paula Deen and this lady definitely need to “do lunch”!

If DOJ sifted through Leftist companies’ emails, you’d find out what I already know: Leftists are the most vile, racist people on the planet.

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