Close Call: Don’t Tease the Animals

The strength of wild animals is often underestimated.

And you can imagine the frustration of a highly intelligent animal, who must take the daily ridicule of zoo patrons.

Watch this gorilla crack its glass cage after racing toward the little girl who provoked it one too many times.

Most zoos have signs that say something like “Don’t feed the animals.” But what they might also consider are signs that say “Don’t provoke the animals.”

The Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska might need one after this incident of a gorilla cracking the glass, which was the only thing separating it from a family of onlookers.

You can see the dumbfounded expression on the family members’ faces as the gorilla slams into the glass. The fact is, that glass can’t stop that gorilla, if he decides to be free.

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