Advice for Liberal Women by Black Granny

Every girl in America should be required to hear this message, as this granny gives Leftist feminists a lesson in being a real woman.

Granny explains the world before nannies, and dares to tell feminists to raise their own children.

Who do you know who has a top-of-the-line kitchen and doesn’t even cook!

From the Independent Journal:

A video of an elderly woman with a thick southern drawl ranting about modern women, lazy men, and people who receive welfare is going viral.

Mother Agnus, as the man behind the camera called her, is full of “old” and traditional values, and she strongly believes that men should work while women should raise families:

“I’ve been working since I was 7.  I’ve been raising children since I was 5.  I’ve been cooking since I was 4 and a half. These women today, all they know about is McDonald’s and fast food.  They ain’t know nothing ‘bout cooking and feeding no man. A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,  get your behind in there and cook!  Feed him, and make sure he gets up off his butt and go to work.”

Mother Agnus goes on to say that “women don’t even raise their children, their children are raising them”:

“Now they may not like me for saying it, but the women today, they don’t even raise their children—their children raising them!  A woman’s place is to raise their children and at the end of the day tell their father which one they almost had to kill.”

What happened to the PRIDE of being a woman! Today, women aspire to be like men, which is really setting the bar low!

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