Gwyneth Paltrow to donate entire fortune to charity

Gwyneth Paltrow is taking poverty serious and she has donated her fortune to the poor. Just kidding! Like that would happen.

If every time a Leftist complains about the poor they were required to donate their personal fortunes, Hollywood would be mysteriously silent.

Even those like Streisand and Stevie Wonder who earn more in royalties in a day, than most people earn in years are ALL talk.

So when Paltrow complains about the poor, know that she is simply between movies. That’s when Hollyweirdos covet the limelight. Nothing going on, so time to stir up some mess.

Paltrow wants to convince the world that America’s poor are struggling to eat. The very same poor who get manicures and pedicures, get their hair done professionally, have cable TV, cell phones, homes and cars, all either paid for or subsidized by the hardest working people in the world.
Does Gwyneth know that America has the FATTEST POOR PEOPLE ON THE PLANET?
Is Gwyneth aware that states are being forced to prevent the poor from buying lobsters, cigarettes, and liquor on welfare. And if that’s not bad enough, anybody think Gwyneth knows that America’s “poor” people are going to strip clubs, casinos, even taking VACATIONS on their welfare benefits?
This bourgeois Leftist is detached, as usual. Let’s get Gwyneth a movie to work on soon.
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