Hear about Rescue of 4000 in Yemen?

American media is outraged by Indian media coverage of the rescue of 4,000 people from Yemen.

India media was affectionately referred to as #Presstitutes on Twitter for actually reporting on something so heroic. I hasten to add that typically America is involved in such efforts.

While Colin Powell was breast-feeding his cat, Retired General V.K. Singh helped with the Yemeni evacuation.

Thank God for the “New Media” made up of vigilant patriots.

First Post

After the controversy that he generated after attending Pakistan’s national day celebrations, former army chief General V.K. Singh largely stayed out of the headlines until he went to Yemen to monitor evacuation efforts being carried out by the Indian government.

The retired general who is now Minister of State for External Affairs has a penchant for sarcasm and during the course of an interview carried out in Djibouti, remarked that the evacuation operation in Yemen wasn’t as exciting as his attending the event in Delhi.

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