Another feminist ploy?

Here’s a clever way to get men to take on more responsibility AND emasculate them at the same time.

So what Pops has put in 12 hours at the steel mill, if he comes home and starts scrubbing that bathroom grout, he just might get lucky.

According to a new study, sharing household duties is said to lead to a happy marriage.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, author of the book “Lean In”, and co-author of the New York Times “Women at Work” series, advises that doing laundry is a “better show of affection than flowers.” While I don’t disagree, I also think a man fixing the furnace or mowing the yard can be just as sexy.

This isn’t about gender roles, per se; but then again…it is!

What’s wrong with watching my man dig a fence post, shirtless in the hot Texas sun, sweat glistening off…{be back shortly}.


As reported in Yahoo News:

Perhaps the most important statement in this article is the revelation that “equality is not a zero-sum game.” Meaning, we do not need to take away power, and rewards from men to give to women, rather, both persons should be able to enjoy access to the same things, and housework needs to stop being seen as women’s work.It should come as a surprise to no one that if husbands contribute to the housework as much as their wives do, marriages last longer, and children have better skills to cope with the world and become agents of equality themselves.

Feminists are constantly un-defining and redefining things to fit their agenda: the destruction of men. Nobody “defined” women’s work, it just evolved. And it would continue to evolve nicely if feminists would just leave it alone.

The gist of this article is that men should WORK for sex…from lazy FEMINISTS who want to stay home, yet do no housework. Look at their stupid “Rich Housewives” shows, and show me one of those silly chicks who has broken a well-manicured nail sweeping her kitchen floor.

Feminists are the people who inverted gender roles and are all about “free love.” They now act like men and are the easiest people on the planet to have sex with!

I say to men, make feminists work for sex!

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