Hillary Clinton Train Still Looking for Tracks

Hillary is the champion of the middle class, and she has been so for many years. Hillary admits to not having driven a car since 1996, because all middle class people are chauffeured around in limos. Hillary declared being “dead broke” when she and Bill left the White House, yet Bill Clinton received approximately $200,000 per year as his presidential pension, and a host of other benefits that added up to over $8M in just a few short years.

Along with book advances and speaking fees, the Clintons were worth over $100 million in only a few short years; just like America’s middle class.  Everybody’s waiting to make $250,000 per speech, and get million dollar donations from large multinational corporations and American-hating governments.

Hillary did so well as Hillary, Inc, that she loaned herself $5 million to finance her first failed attempt to be president.  Now Hillary wants to be president again.

She is remaking herself, Hillary Clinton v2.o as it were.  The problem is, Hillary remains as detached as ever.

After decades of Liberal policies that have killed American businesses, particularly small businesses, Hillary is just learning the outcome of these policies.

Hard to believe that Hillary is so much a champion of the middle class that she didn’t realize where the U.S. ranks in difficulty to start a small business.

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