Hillary: Sleeping with the enemy

Hard to believe anybody would actually want to get in bed with Hillary Clinton. But for the right deal, even the staunchest Muslim can make the ultimate sacrifice.

The country of Morocco handed the Clinton Foundation a cool $1 million. Chump change when you consider all Muslims get from America’s NY Hillbillies.

Things like…

  • Ignoring human rights

  • Keeping silent in the real War on Women

  • Selling out America

Shared from Yahoo News:

A phosphate export firm owned by the Moroccan government will give the Clinton Foundation a donation of at least $1 million in advance of a May meeting the charity is to host in Morocco, Politico reported Thursday. The gift adds to the Clinton family charity’s reliance on contributions from foreign nations as Hillary Rodham Clinton prepares to enter the 2016 presidential race.

Clinton Foundation spokesman Craig Minassian did not confirm the Politico report about the donation from OCP, but said Thursday that international participants in the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Marrakech in early May would work on “specific, measurable plans to address pressing global challenges.” The CGI is a subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation, which is headed by former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea.

What exactly does the Clinton Foundation do? It’s concerns according to the website are global health and wellness, increasing opportunity for women and girls, creating opportunities for growth, and addressing “climate change”.

Might there be a “conflict of interest” in promoting health and wellness, and “opportunity” for women and girls when in Moroccan culture, both are second class citizens subject to beatings, molestation and genital mutilation?

“Climate change” has been proven to have been based on phony data, so why exactly do the Clinton’s need a million dollars?


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