Hillary’s Innovative Way to Get Fans

Nothing is as it appears with Liberals, and that’s just how they like it.

Turns out the “unscripted” Hillary coffee talk this week in Iowa was as fake as Bruce Jenner’s new “rack.”

One of those seated at Hillary’s table was a Heartland Planned Parenthood employee, president of the Iowa Democrats, and lastly,  an active Democrat and former chauffeur for Joe Biden.

As reported in the Daily Mail:

Clinton’s nascent campaign has carefully coordinated her image as a spontaneous, handshaking populist in her first days as a candidate, posing with Pennsylvanians at a gas station and venturing into an Ohio Chipotle restaurant for lunch.

When no one recognized the former first lady – she was wearing sunglasses – the campaign leaked information to The New York Times so its reporters could get security camera footage to prove she had tried to mingle with voters.

Scripting supposedly off-the-cuff appearances is common in presidential politics, but could hurt Clinton especially hard since her gonzo road-trip journey to America’s broad midwest is designed to counter her image as cold, calculating and politically venomous.

And planting party insiders in place of typical Iowans won’t go over well in the Hawkeye State, where pressing the flesh and collecting caucus votes is a quadrennial full-contact sport.

Will somebody get Hillary a BLANKET! She’s SO COLD!

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