Hillary’s many fans are NOT American?

You can tell a lot about a person by their friends. Just ask Barack Obama. Actually, you might want to ask Hillary Clinton.

Because Hillary Clinton’s biggest base of Facebook friends are from Iraq?

With that tidbit, I can hardly wait to learn how much ISIS has contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

As reported:

“Hillary Clinton’s Facebook pages have an unexpected fan base. At least 7 percent of Clinton’s Facebook fans list their hometown as Baghdad, way more than any other city in the world, including in the United States,” the website reported after conducting an analysis of Facebook fan statistics.

In Baghdad, 66 percent of her female fans and 67 percent of her male fans are between the ages of 18 and 34, while a majority of her foreign “fans” are self-reported government employees, according to their analysis.

While it would seem individuals in cities on the respective coasts would be among her fans, the former New York senator enjoys greater popularity among residents of cities and towns in Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

At least we may know who ISIS is so ready to get to those 72 virgins, if Hillary is their female fixation.

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