Liberal alert: Gatorade as urine?

What could go wrong when you try to fake your drug test.

This woman tried to pass off hot water and Gatorade as urine when she had to pee for probation.

Not a terrible idea necessarily, except this “Einstein” didn’t even use lemon Gatorade, instead opting for the fruit punch, yes the very red version.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the miscreant was hiding illegal narcotics in her “hoo-haw.”

And Obama wants everybody to vote, right!

The Smoking Gun

Tabatha Coulombe, 29, was jailed last week in connection with her alleged scheme to game the urine test, which is part of the probation requirements stemming from her 2013 sentencing for felony animal cruelty.

In late-January, Coulombe met with her probation officer and provided a urine specimen. But due to “the abnormal color (blush)” and the “abnormal test result,” the officer questioned Coulombe about the sample’s source.


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