I’ll play an “Indian”!

To be part of a film is a dream to come true to many. So when Indians of the American type walked out on Adam Sandler, I wish he had called me. I could have called a few friends, and we would have brought our own war paint.

How ridiculous is it that people get their sensibilities tested so often over nothing. Outside of our initial encounters with the Indians, they have been given a lot…

Maybe the actors in this movie were unclear on the concept of the film, or maybe they have just become too much like mainstream culture and their tissue-paper feelings.


“Our Native American culture and tradition is no joking matter,” Shelly said. “I applaud these Navajo actors for their courage and conviction to walk off the set in protest.”

David Hill, 74, a Choctaw actor from Oklahoma who left the set, said he thought the film industry was heading toward better portrayal of American Indians before this experience.

“Over the years, we have seen change. Then this,” Hill said. “We told them, ‘Our dignity is not for sale.'”

These Natives got “heap-big” butt-hurt!

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