Guess what politician has an action figure

Seen the Hillary Rodham Clinton “action” figure.

Is anybody enforcing truth in advertising, because this should be an “inaction” figure.

What has Hillary Clinton accomplished, except being the wife of a scoundrel, and the underling to another scoundrel?

Then again, Hillary did (1) Stand by her man (2) and she is good at cleaning…disk cleaning.

Hillary did get shot at by enemy fire, and struggled for money. And though she didn’t have an EZ-Bake Oven, she did create that Russian “easy” button.

According to CNN/Money, in time for the Christmas rush…

The superhero version of Clinton “can solve any international crisis with a single joke, (is) strong enough to wrestle Russian bears, yet cool enough to diffuse any Korean missile,” quips the promotional video.”Smart, bold, and stylish — the world has never seen a woman quite like this.”
The action figure was designed by a small studio called FCTRY, which also created an Obama action figure in 2008.

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