It’s a miracle! Lerner emails found!

Remember all of those emails on a drive that Lois Lerner “accidentally” purged, destroyed, deleted, rolled her office chair over, and then ran down the disposal? Well, they’ve been found!

The 6,400 emails were supposedly on a computer that had “crashed” several years ago.

Anyone who has watched Forensics Files knows that’s a bunch of baloney! Heloooo! Back-ups?


The Treasury’s Inspector General for Tax Administration notified the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday that they have recovered thousands of Lois Lerner emails that were not previously produced to Congress, committee members told Fox News.

The inspector general recovered approximately 6,400 Lerner emails and will carefully examine them as part of the committee’s bipartisan IRS investigation…

The IRS, in a statement to the website, said that it was pleased to hear the Treasury’s inspector general found the emails saying it was an “encouraging development that will help resolve remaining questions and dispel uncertainty surrounding the emails.”

The IRS also said it took the inspector general around 10 months to come up with the emails sent or received during the period affected by Lerner’s computer crash.

Didn’t Obama say something about the only people who didn’t want to disclose the truth were those people with something to hide?

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