Leftist wants to kill to cut budget

As if we needed any more proof of what happens to a society without any moral absolutes, a New Hampshire Democrat has proposed an interesting idea.

Euthanize the disabled.

New Hampshire State Representative Mike Cahill claims this will be good for the budget.  Sure.  A Democrat.  Caring about the budget!?

American Mirror

New Hampshire state Rep. Michael Cahill thinks if his Republican colleagues are unwilling to raise taxes, the state should consider offing the liabilities in society. “Since we are refusing to raise revenues to fund needed programs, to fund services for the disabled, for example, have you looked at euthanasia?” asked Cahill, a Democrat, during a legislative debate on the budget Wednesday.

Exactly what constitutes “disabled”?

Surely it begins with the mentally and physically handicapped. However, shortly thereafter, Democrats come for the takers. Don’t contribute to society? Consider yourself euthanized.

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