LGBT mocking Christians and Easter

In case your are not clear that Christianity is under attack, take a gander at this little Easter “celebration” in San Francisco.

Celebrate Easter with the Sisters. The party starts with a family-friendly egg hunt, and then moves into more, um, grown-up territory, with a Hunky Jesus, Easter Bonnet and Foxy Mary contests.

Event Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Easter party Sun., 4/5 | Hellman Hollow | Golden Gate Park

This is not about gaiety, it’s about the destruction of Christianity. Leftist Gays hide their devious motives around their sexuality, but make no mistake about it, there is a faction of gays who are just part of the “hate” movement against Christians and Jews.

We can get pissed off, but I won’t. When we get mad, they win. That’s why I MOCK THEM! Breeders UNITE!

NOT-Gay shirt

These morons are one-dimensional, simple beings of their sexuality. For all intents and purposes merely animals. Nobody cares about their sexuality, yet they want to flaunt it, as they WANT us to care. If your sexuality were all you had to offer, that’s likely what you would do. Think Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian and you get the other side of the argument. Think Hillary Clinton and Gloria Steinham and you get even more ammunition. The less you have to offer, the more you are about singular issue self. Ok, final examples, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. Case closed.

There are many gay people who go about their robust lives, without a care in the world about their “issue.” Successful black people, unconcerned about ethnicity, just happy to be part of the fabric of America. Women doing big things, happy to be American. And gays, building businesses, enjoying family and friends, happy that they are Americans.

And then you have the Left.

Become a member of the NOT Gay movement. Come out proud and join the rest of us who professed our love of the opposite sex, and everything else God has given us to enjoy!


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